The theme of the HIGH LEVEL FORUM 2018 will be:


This theme will be worked through two plenary sessions and workshops, addressing the Challenges of Infrastructure projects, the contribution of Innovation Ecosystems to Infrastructure initiatives, the Infrastructures for the Cities of the Future and the Infrastructures for an efficient transfer of Innovation from Research to Industry.

Other parts of the Program will leave opportunities for enjoying relaxing times, discovering the hosting ecosystem of Grenoble and networking between delegations and organizations.

The program and agenda of the HLF2018 edition are as following:

Download HLF2018 Program

Download HLF2018 Agenda


During the two sessions of the Forum, Speakers will be:

  • Keynote Speakers, who will provide a high level point of view with an international approach about “Innovation and Infrastructures” regarding challenges, trends, actors, financing and other strategic considerations.
  • Ecosystem Speakers who will deliver testimonials about the way their respective ecosystems are managing or envisioning innovative solutions for Infrastructures with the goal to provide added value to their regional infrastructure projects.

Each Session will be concluded by a Panel Discussion involving Keynote Speakers and Guest Speakers for developing a specific topic more in depth, with debate between Panelists and interaction with Audience.

During the Conference Dinner, a High Level Executive from a leading Infrastructure Provider will deliver a talk about the company’s vision and strategies regarding the technical challenges and the business models in Infrastructures from an Innovation perspective.

Speakers and Contributors to the Program are listed herebelow:

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At each edition of the High Level Forum, attendance is made of High Level Executives – Policy or Decision Makers- as Representative’s of regional Innovation Ecosystems, where they are fully engaged in the regional  Innovation strategies and programs.

Each delegation from an Innovation Ecosystem is expected to be well representative with Delegates coming from various domains, as Education, Research, Industry, Business and Public Authorities and enough sized with 3 to 8 Members.

More specifically for the 2018 edition, and considering the theme of the Forum about Infrastructures, delegations are expected to include Actors of Infrastructure initiatives, including Representatives from Public Authorities, Business and Financing organizations.

In 2018, we are expecting the participation of more than 40 Ecosystems from all Regions around the world: Africa, America North and South, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Oceania, Russia; more than 15 new ecosystems will join the HLF2018 edition for the first time.

Such regional and cultural diversity is highly contributing to the quality and richness of the Forum based upon the sharing of visions and experiences about Innovation management and promotion.

The 32 above listed Ecosystems have contributed to the High Level Forum editions from 2012 to 2017.

In 2018 , we are expecting the new participation of: Bangalore (India), Bariloche (Argentina), Boston (USA), Casablanca (Morocco), Eindhoven( The Netherlands), Florianopolis (Brazil), Karlsruhe (Germany), Lodz (Poland), Medellin (Colombia), Moscow (Russia), Osaka (Japan), Phoenix (USA), Prague (Czech Republic), Sydney (Australia)… and several other ones.


Registration to the High Level Forum is free (Attendees have to cover their travelling and hotel charges)
The registration process – including the hotel reservation at pre-booked recommended hotels – is open at this address:

High Level Forum 2018 Register Here


The registration will require a password provided by the HLF organization (contact: alain.astier@cea.fr) to the HLF Leader of each Ecosystem Delegation upon certain conditions regarding the size and the composition of the Delegation: please contact your local HLF Leader (or HLF organization).

If you need any support for your registration process, please contact the Registration Officer, Emma at : HLForum@inviteo.fr
Phone : +33 4 38 38 18 18


The High Level Forum 2018 will take place at Grenoble (France) on November 11-14 2018, in the « Presqu’île » area which is the district where the GIANT campus is located. Most part of the Event will be take place at three adjacent locations:

Capital of the Alps, Capital of Innovation

Grenoble is a French city with half a million inhabitants, located in the south east of France, in the foothills of the Alps, where nature, well-being and innovation come together. Grenoble’s industrials roots and early innovations were the result of its geographic location and the rush of water down from the mountains. Water provided the literal force for the development of the region’s metallurgical industries in the 17th and 18th centuries and through an early example that mixed education, research and industry, the region became a pioneer in hydraulic technology with the development of hydroelectricity in the 19th century.

Ranked by Forbes as the world’s fifth most inventive city in 2014, Grenoble is the destination in France most preferred by students (1 inhabitant in 5 is a student) and is the location of CEA (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives ) which is ranked as the world’s second most innovative public research institution, the first in Europe. Grenoble also hosts several internationally leading companies in energy (Schneider), in microelectronics (STMicroelectronics), in medicine (Biomérieux), in machinery (Caterpillar) and in many other sectors. It is also home to a dense cluster of innovative start-ups that has helped to make France the first foreign country exhibiting at the CES Innovation Show in Las Vegas.

Grenoble, with its DNA marked by Innovation and its international Innovation Campus “GIANT”, was a natural place in which to initiate the High Level Forum in 2012, with the vision to create an international community of regional Ecosystems, driven by Innovation and Collaboration, with the dream to transform it into the “World Innovation Ecosystem Forum” !

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