HLF @ III International Triple Helix Virtual Summit

2020, 24-25 November

The HLF will be at the next International Triple Helix Virtual Summit on 24-26 November 2020 to explore the theme “Designing globally connected regional innovation ecosystems: overcoming barriers and opening pathways“.

Join our HLF panels online and visit the HLF virtual booth!

HLF Connect 1st Online Briefing 2020

2020, Dec 1st
hosted online by Grenoble, GIANT

The postponed HLF Summit 2020 will be replaced by the first HLF Connect briefing hosted online from Grenoble on Dec 1st, during which Innovation Ecosystems of the HLF will discuss three critical issues of our time :

Innovation ecosystem resilience: Impacts in the short to long term

New collaborations and alliances ; strategies for inclusive innovation

Win Tech : winning technologies in the time of Covid

HLF Summit Grenoble 2021
@ 2020 Giant - High Level Forum
Due the current health crisis, the 2020 HLF Summit has been postponed to autumn 2021 - The HLF will be online on 1st Dec 2020 during the first HLF Connect Briefing