Newsletter N°1 – November 2016

Dear Partners of “High Level Forum”

I am Alain Astier, Scientific Advisor at CEA Tech in Grenoble ( France ) and Coordinator of the High Level Forum (HLF) which is an initiative of the Grenoble Innovation Campus “GIANT” that gathers together the leading Innovation Ecosystems of the world every year in order to share visions, strategies and experiences about the management of Innovation, with the contribution of High Level Executives, Decision and Policy Makers from Education, Research, Industry and Public Authorities.

This newsletter is intended for Participants of the High Level Forum during past or recent editions ( Grenoble, Caltech, Tsukuba ) and for people contacted for the last edition; the purpose is to share regularly – every two months – some information about the High Level Forum initiative and to fuel the Innovation strategy of the HLF international community of Ecosystems.

High Level Forum 2016

The last edition of the High Level Forum took place in Grenoble (France ) on September 25-27 2016 , with 19 delegations attending from the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle-East and 100 Top Executives participating, including High Level Authorities (Ministers, Mayors) from several countries. You will find all the relevant information on the HLF web site www.hlf-giant-grenoble.org, more specifically all the presentations, documents, photos and videos are available on the page GALLERY. A post-event report – see the first file enclosed – has been issued for the first time, gathering all the outcomes of the Forum about “Collaborative Creativity ” which was the theme of that edition.

High Level Forum 2017

The next edition of the High Level Forum will be held at Longueuil-Montreal ( Canada ) on September 24-26 2017 : thank you for booking these dates in your agenda!  The theme of that edition will be ” Innovation and Smart Living” , which is an exciting and strategic subject considering the digital revolution taking place in our living environment. The Public Authorities of the Quebec Ecosystem are highly supportive of this upcoming edition; see attached, their invitation expressed during the last Forum in Grenoble. For the January newsletter, I will provide more information about the HLF 2017, following my visit with the HLF project team of Longueuil-Montreal in December.

High Level Forum Governance

 During the last Forum in Grenoble, we agreed on a new governance of the High Level Forum (see third file), in order to make it more international and more attractive and to increase its added value to the various ecosystems who are contributing. The vision is to be recognized as an international community of leading innovation ecosystems that promotes and develops Innovation to provide added value to Society. During the coming months, such HLF governance will be implemented by involving the HLF ecosystems.

High Level Forum Internationalization

During the last 5 years, 24 Ecosystems have participated in at least one HLF edition (see fourth file); most of the ecosystems are participating regularly, with a few participating in a more sporadic way. For the future, we are exploring new regions and countries of the world for detecting new Ecosystems which are placing Innovation as a pillar of their growth strategy ; any help and contribution for promoting HLF on the international stage will be always very welcome

I hope that this information will be of interest for you ; I remain always available to provide more information or to share points of views about the HLF, so please feel free to contact me at any time.

I look forward to remaining in touch with you about the HLF initiative trough further Newsletters

With my Warmest Regards



HLForum2017 Montréal Presentation HLF 2016


High Level Forum ECOSYSTEMS 2012 2016

@ 2020 Giant - High Level Forum
Due the current health crisis, the 2020 HLF Summit has been postponed to autumn 2021 - The HLF will be online on 1st Dec 2020 during the first HLF Connect Briefing