Sylvie Blanco

A senior full-tenured professor and Executive Director for Innovation & Experimentation at Grenoble Business School (Grenoble École de Management, acronym GEM), Member of the School’s Executive Board, a Board Member of GIANT (Grenoble Innovation Campus) and professor since 2001, Dr. Sylvie Blanco specializes in technology and innovation management (TIM) with an emphasis on foresight and strategic-issue management in the context of technology-based disruptions. She is also Director of TIM training programs at the Research and Technology Institute “IRT Nanoelec” with the scope of nurturing and developing a competitive human capital at the ecosystem level.

In 2016, she founded GEM Labs, an ecosystem-based disruptive innovation campus promoting experiential learning enhanced by phygital platforms and business experiments.  She has recently founded and runs a new campus, built as an open collaborative platform for creating next managerial practices in a global connected world with the scope of enhancing the business school’s innovation mission and fostering a greater sustainability-driven technology innovation.
Professor Blanco’s accomplishments result from 25-year contribution to the development of the local ecosystem of innovation through different status and roles, both industrial and technology organizations, including four years at French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA) as a researcher and four years as consultant in new tech-based ventures in the private sector at Yole Developpement SA which specializes in growth opportunities, partners and M&A opportunities in MEMS. Dr. Blanco was granted a national award for her thesis about weak signals and collective intelligence.

@ 2020 Giant - High Level Forum
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