The last High Level Forum ‘HLF2019’ was the 8th edition and took place in LUND (Sweden) on October 13-15 2019.


The World of Data changes every day and every hour; the increasing volume and detail of information captured by Enterprises, the rise of Multimedia and Social Media , and the Internet of Things are fueling an exponential growth of Data, highly complex, from multiple sources, with a real-time, on-line, always- available access.

The combination of Big Data availability and new means to capture and analyze massive volumes of data with agility and speed as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning… is providing a powerful foundation for a new wave of heightened innovation and business disruption, while raising new challenges.

The High Level Forum 2019 has explored the impact of such new “Big Data environment” on the Innovation Ecosystems, during specific sessions and panel discussions, mainly under two angles:

• The impact, benefits, added value of the Data Revolution on the Ecosystems in terms of Innovation capabilities, governance, benchmarking opportunities…
• The new challenges for the Innovation Ecosystems as Quality of the Information, Data ownership, Information security, Cyber-protection, …

Other parts of the Program left opportunities for enjoying networking times between delegations, organizations and individuals, as well as discovering the hosting ecosystem of Lund (Sweden).

High Level Forum 2019 programme:

The event video is now available
for an overview of this last HLF edition


• World reputed Keynote Speakers were introducing the High Level Forum 2019 by addressing the theme of : “Sustainable Innovations in a World of Data”, with both expert and visionary perspectives.

• During the two sessions of the Forum, Speakers from Ecosystems provided testimonials of Benefits and Challenges of Big Data environment on their Innovation Ecosystem; real cases from Industry, Research, Public and Social Communities and other Actors of Innovation Ecosystems have been presented.

• Sessions included panel discussions involving Guest Speakers from Ecosystems for developing a specific topic more in depth, with debate between Panelists and interaction with Audience.


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Attendance of each High Level Forum edition is made of High Level Executives – Policy or Decision Makers- as Representative’s of their regional Innovation Ecosystem, where they are fully engaged in the Innovation strategies and programs.

Each delegation from an Innovation Ecosystem is expected to be well representative with Delegates coming from various domains, as Education, Research, Industry, Business, Finance and Public Authorities and enough sized with 3 to 8 Members.

More specifically for the 2019 edition, and considering the theme of the Forum about Big Data environment, delegations are expected to include Actors of Big Data Creation, Management and Usage.

In 2019, we welcomed the participation of more than 30 Ecosystems from all Regions around the world: Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Oceania, and 6 new ecosystems joined the High Level Forum for the first time in 2019.

Such regional and cultural diversity is highly contributing to the quality and richness of the Forum based upon the sharing of visions and experiences about Innovation management and promotion.


The High Level Forum 2019 took place in Lund (Sweden) on October 13-15, at Ideon Science Park and Medicon Village Science Park which is the heart of the Innovation Ecosystem of Lund City and Region
more info on: https://ideon.se/ and https://www.mediconvillage.se/en

Most part of the Event has been ran at two nearby locations:
• Elite Hotel Ideon, 27 Scheelevaegen, 223 63, Lund, https://www.elite.se/lund/ideon
• Medicon Village, 2 Scheelevägen, 223 81, Lund, https://www.mediconvillage.se/en
• Ideon Science Park, Scheelevägen 17, 223 63, Lund https://ideon.se/

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