Newsletter N°2 – January 2017

Dear Partners of “High Level Forum”

Firstly, I am renewing my Best Wishes for the New Year 2017, to all of you and your Families ; Health, Happiness and Success in 2017! Growth and Prosperity to your Innovation Ecosystems !

That is the second HLF Newsletter with the purpose to share some information with all of you about the “High Level Forum – HLF” initiative:

High Level Forum 2017

As already announced , the next edition of the High Level Forum will be held at Longueuil-Montreal (Canada ) on September 24-26 2017 : thank you for booking these dates in your agenda !
The theme of that edition will be ” Innovation and Smart Living” , which is an exciting and strategic subject considering the digital revolution taking place in our ecosystems’ environment.
There will be three sessions : “Innovation and Smart Transport”, “Innovation and Smart Energy” , “Innovation and Smart Society”.
See attached a preliminary program of the Forum over the three days, subject to  further tuning.

New points of the 2017 HLF edition will be :

  • individual presentations of the attending delegations on Sunday
  • organisation of a fourth day for one-to-one inter-ecosystems networking, after the three days Forum
  • meeting and presentation of the HLF Executive Committee

The set-up of the Longueuil-Montreal Project Team is being finalized, with the strong support from the local Authorities of Longueuil and Montréal Cities.
HLF web site is under restructuration, links with your Ecosystem web sites will be proposed soon.
A new event brochure is under design; the registration platform will be open in May 2017

Speakers to High Level Forum 2017

The three Forum sessions will provide the great opportunity to listen to 3 x 4 Guest Speakers; the 20mn presentations will focus on the way the represented Ecosystems are managing Innovation in their Smart Programs ( Transport, Energy, Other ) ; according to the HLF governance, the focus of presentations will be on vision, strategy, methods, best practices, challenges,…more than on detailed results or technical achievements, always centered on Innovation .

We are kindly inviting you to already propose presentations on behalf of your Innovation Ecosystems, within a relevant session of your choice, with a preliminary title and a very short abstract.  The highest attention will be brought to your proposals, thank you so much in advance.

High Level Forum Executive Committee

As per the governance rules defined during the HLF2016, an HLF Executive Committee has been set-up (see attachment ), a first Tel Conf between its Members is forecasted before end of this month.
Warm thanks to the Ecosystems who have accepted to contribute to  this Committee which will provide proposals and recommendations to the HLF Community for strengthening the HLF initiative and increasing its added value.
The next Newsletter will provide more information about the Committee’ mission and tasks.

High Level Forum Internationalization

As announced, we are exploring new regions and countries of the world for detecting new Ecosystems which are placing Innovation as a pillar of their growth strategy.
Contacts are on-going with Russia, Austria, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Chili, Mexico and new Ecosystems in USA ( Pennsylvania, New York).
Any help and contribution for promoting HLF on the international stage will be always very welcome, thank you in advance.

Visit to High Level Forum Ecosystems

I am intending to visit on-site most of our HLF Ecosystems along the year for better knowing their stakeholders, organisations and activities, and for preparing their participation to the next HLF 2017.
You will find hereattached a first tentative program of visits, that I will discuss and finalize with my local primary contacts within your innovation campuses.

I hope that the information of this Newsletter will be of interest for you ; I remain always available to provide more information or to share points of views about the HLF, so please feel free to contact me at any time.
Thank you again so much for your interest and support to the HLF initiative

With my Warmest Regards





@ 2020 Giant - High Level Forum
The HLFConnectBriefing is now complete. Thank you very much for your participation. You can find the replay at hlf-giant-grenoble.org/2020-edition. The site is currently being updated and you will soon be able to find all the information in our new website. Feel free to contact us: julien.reynier@cea.fr