Harri Kulmala


Dr. Harri Kulmala has PhD in industrial management from Tampere University of Technology. In 2005, Dr. Kulmala started as an Associated professor in Lappeenranta University of Technology. The career as a scientist ended in 2008 as a Research Professor at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.

In 2008, Dr. Kulmala started as the CEO of FIMECC Ltd. FIMECC was the 1st high-volume industry-driven PPP implemented in EU countries. In 2016, digitalization led to the merger of DIGILE Ltd. (ICT, media, and telecom) into FIMECC (manufacturing). Dr. Kulmala continues as the CEO of the new DIMECC Ltd.

Dr. Kulmala is a Fellow of The Technology Academy of Finland and The Royal Society of Arts.


“DIMECC innovation ecosystem brings autonomous ships to the world”


We will introduce the EU’s 1st industry-driven (not only in topics, but also in management set-up) public-private partnership company DIMECC Ltd. DIMECC innovation ecosystem increases innovation probability by bringing heterogenous groups of people together, and shortens the time-to-market by novel co-creation methods. The key location for DIMECC is the city of Tampere, where DIMECC has it’s HQ. Tampere city includes the wide variety of different kinds of actors and activities needed in effective and efficient innovation work. The latest target set by DIMECC is to have autonomous ships in Baltic Sea before 2025.

@ 2020 Giant - High Level Forum
Due the current health crisis, the 2020 HLF Summit has been postponed to autumn 2021 - The HLF will be online on 1st Dec 2020 during the first HLF Connect Briefing