HLF Innovation Ecosystems

The High Level Forum, the international network of innovation ecosystems, brings together international Executives, Decision and Policy Makers from the worlds of education, research, industry, business, economy and public authorities, all deeply engaged in the management or promotion of Innovation within their regional Ecosystem and often, worldwide.
Built and grown as an international community, the main objectives of the HLF network are:

• To share policies, strategies and experiences about innovation management and promotion between leading campuses ;
• To encourage and strengthen collaboration between the world’s most dynamic innovation ecosystems ;
• To develop common initiatives for maximizing the social and economic benefits of the innovation programs from the participating campuses and to support a resilient society.

Since its launch in 2012, the HLF has maintained interaction with numerous innovation ecosystems from all over the globe, with the willingness of opening its circle to more regions while maintaining a close-knit character within its network.

Discover below some news from a few of our members.


The 45 below listed Ecosystems have contributed to the High Level Forum editions since 2012.


Tunisia: Sfax
Morocco: Casablanca


Argentina: Buenos Aires, Bariloche
Brazil: Florianopolis
Canada: Montréal-Longueuil, Vancouver, Edmonton 
Colombia: Medellin
USA: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Albany, Boston, Houston, Washington


Japan: Tsukuba,Osaka
Kasakhstan: Astana
Korea: Daejeon
Taiwan: Hsinchu


Israel: Haifa, Tel-Aviv


Australia: Sydney


Austria: Vienna
Belgium: Leuven (Mindgate)
Czech Republic: Prague
Finland: Tampere
France: Grenoble (GIANT)
Germany: Dresden, Karlsruhe, Ruhr 
Italy: Milano
Poland: Warsaw, Lodz
Romania: Cluj-Napoca
Spain: Bizkaia, Barcelona
Sweden: Lund
Switzerland: Lausanne
The Netherlands: Eindhoven
UK: Harwell/Oxford