HLF Governance

The High Level Forum is organised by the Grenoble Innovation Campus GIANT, led by Julie Galland, Director of the CEA Research & Technology division. The HLF is managed by its Chair, Philippe Watteau, Chief Innovation Officer of CEA Research & Technology division .

The Members of the Steering Committee (SCOM) are the representatives of selected Innovation Ecosystems of the HLF international community that have provided much-valued support in the past as part as of the Executive Committee or an Ecosystem’s delegation. The major objectives of the SCOM are to shape the future of the HLF Programme and activities, to help guarantee the quality of the HLF annual Summit and to enrich the HLF Network.

The HLF governance, a supportive international team
of Innovation Ecosystems experts:
the HLF Steering Committee

The HLF Steering Committee is composed of members from the Ecosystems of Chicago (USA), Grenoble (France), Haifa (Israel), Hsinchu (Taiwan), Lund (Sweden), Quebec-Montreal (Canada), Stanford (USA), Tampere (Finland), Thailand and Tsukuba (Japan).

Michel Ida

Head of the Sciences & Technologies Societal Impacts group at CEA Research & Technology division, Grenoble, France

Maya Okamoto

Advisor, Tsukuba Global Innovation Promotion Agency (TGI), Japan

Emma Richet

HLF International Relations Manager & cross disciplinary marketing manager, CEA Research & Technology division, Grenoble, France

Philippe Watteau

Chair of the HLF, Chief Innovation Officer at CEA Research & Technology Division, Grenoble, France

Richard Dasher

Director of US-Asia Technology Management Center Stanford University USA 

Gregory Morin

Director of Strategy and Innovation, Argonne National Lab Chicago USA

Julien Reynier

HLF Office Manager, International & Corporate Events Manager, CEA Research & Technology Division, Grenoble, France

Wayne D. Kaplan

Vice President for External Relations and Resource Development of the Technion, Haifa, Israel