Krzysztof Kurzydlowski

Prof. Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski is a graduate of Department of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics of Warsaw University of Technology. PhD degree in Materials Science received in 1981. Visiting researcher at University of Manitoba, Canada, Brunel University, UK and at Ecole de Mines, St. Etienne, France. His research interests cover advanced materials and technologies, materials design based on characterization and modelling and degradation of engineering materials. He is co-author of 58 patents, over 400 research papers, and supervisor of 78 PhD Students. Hirsch factor H=36.

Prof. K.J. Kurzydłowski had been elected to the position of Vice Rector of Warsaw University of Technology and Vice chairman of the Polish Research Council. He was Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education (2005-2007) and Director of National Centre for Research and Development (2011-2015). He was appointed to a number of advisory committees of European Commission. Was a member of IAB at NIMS. Actively participated in undertakings of E-MRS.

Professor K.J Kurzydlowski received doctorates Honoris Causa of 4 Polish Universities. He is a recipient of Gold Medal of FEMS, Federation of European Materials Societies. Member of Academia Europea.


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