Agnieszka Bruyere

Agnieszka Bruyère is Vice-President of  IBM Public Cloud EMEA. She was Vice-President of the Cloud entity of IBM France. This entity brings together IaaS, PaaS, Watson, Blockchain offers within the Cloud platform as well as IBM software. The mission of this entity is to implement for its customers the transverse multicloud strategy based on a common technological base for all information system models (Public Cloud, Private Cloud and traditional information system). It places particular emphasis on data with a commitment to data ownership and confidentiality guaranteed to customers and transparency of algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence.
Previously, Agnieszka Bruyère headed the Security entity of IBM France, whose mission is to accompany the transformation of companies in the field of cyber security, in a context of constantly evolving threats and challenges brought by new technologies and new use cases.
With 15 years of experience in the field of information systems, Agnieszka has built its expertise by taking up daily the challenges and stakes of IT departments which must both play the role of partners in the business transformation of companies and achieve operational excellence and cyber-resilience.