Alan Mathewson


After graduating with a B.Sc in Physical Electronics from Northumbria University in 1978 and working in Racal Research Berks ( UK)) on CMOS and thin film amorphous Si LCD technology. Alan Mathewson moved to University College Cork and the National Microelectronics Research Centre in 1982. Between then and 1999 he was responsible for research activity in silicon technology characterisation and modelling. He received a PhD from University College Cork in 1995 for his work in the area of CMOS Compatible Avalanche Photodiode Arrays. From 1996 to 2005 he was Assistant Director of the institute with responsibility for the Transducers Group within NMRC. This involved working on a broad spectrum of Si based technology and design activities. After a 30 month sabbatical period in CEA Leti he returned to Tyndall in 2007 and assumed leadership of the heterogeneous systems integration group. In 2015 he was given the role of deputy head of the new micro and nano systems centre in Tyndall and he is currently acting as head of the centre. He is also Assistant director of the SFI supported ‘Connect’ Research centre on Future Networks and IoT Systems
To date twenty nine PhDs and twenty five M.Eng.Sc projects have been completed under his supervision. Furthermore, more than three hundred publications in peer reviewed journal and conference proceedings have been presented and 9 Patents have been deposited.
Dr Mathewson is a Senior Member of IEEE.