Anders Strömberg


Anders heads a newly formed department within Sony that provides a solution leveraging 4/5G IoT communication technology for application areas such as search & rescue, safety and mobile health.

The concept’s origin is the Sony innovation and incubation program, where the idea was presented in March 2018 for Sony Management. Through the incubation process, the idea evolved from a concept on paper to a complete solution, with manufacturing of hardware and development of a service management solution, as well as the formation of a new Wearable Platform department. All within 12 months.

Anders has worked in several large companies, among them Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and HemoCue, but also also in start-ups, in different management roles. His start-up experience comes from companies such as Appium/Aepona, MIMT and Heyhop. Before joining Sony, Anders was Head of Marking and Product Management at Advenica, a cybersecurity company in the Top Secret area that went public on the Swedish Nasdaq First North exchange.



This project originated from an idea that Type-1 diabetes patients need better control over their condition to improve their quality of life based on real life experience. As a result of the early prototypes and cooperation with researchers and clinicians, it became clear that this solution could also be used for many other conditions and chronical illnesses. By close cooperation with internal and external research departments, it has become clear that, by adding this type of technology, it is possible to re-design many existing solutions to better apply real-time AI and other technologies, such as edge computing, to provide preventive solutions to health and wellness organizations.

Anders presentation will describe the evolution of the concept, from idea to solution, and touch upon the potential use of the technology that can enable a different thinking within healthcare.