Angélica Lopez Sobrado

Angélica Lopez Sobrado has an Industrial engineering degree with a postgraduate degree in project management from the University of the Basque Country – Faculty of Engineering in Bilbao (Spain), currently she is running a doctorate in relation with the R&D impact measurement in companies.

In the field of measuring social impact, she works to develop the social impact assessment model and tools for Tecnalia. In this sense, the contribution to SDGs has been used as the social impact evaluation framework and several references are taken into account to build up the framework, such as the Euskadi 2030 Gunea guide for Basque organizations or the contribution model to the transitions necessary to achieve the SDGs (Sach et al). She also participates as a member of Tecnalia in the Technical Committee for Standardization CTN-UNE 343 “Management System for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations”.

In addition, she leads the implementation of the SSI -Surveillance and Strategic Intelligence process at Tecnalia, which is part of the R&D&I management process certified under the ISO 166.002 standard. In this position, he coordinates activities and manages projects at regional, national and European level for companies, business associations, innovation agencies and institutions, developing various studies regarding technological challenges, technological observatories, creation of surveillance units and SSI processes.