Catherine Candela


Catherine has an Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris (1991).
She made a significant part of her career within Air Liquide, in diverse environments (Engineering, Healthcare) and geographies (France, US) and more specifically hold various positions at Air Liquide Advanced Technologies (ALaT) in Grenoble: product manager, BU manager, HR Manager and finally ALaT General Manager. She has a fair expertise in cryogenics and new energy technologies and markets.
In January 2014, Catherine joined Tenerrdis as CEO.
Tenerrdis is the French cluster for the energy transition and a catalyst for innovation across France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Tenerrdis supports sustainable economic growth and the creation of long-lasting jobs in the new energy technology industries and coordinates a network spanning industry, government, academia, and scientific research to address the challenges of the energy transition. Tenerrdis also unites stakeholders from the public and private sectors to encourage the implementation of innovative local energy solutions that will drive the energy transition in our cities, energy-plus communities, industrial parks, mountain regions, and at remote sites.