Debra Lam

Debra Lam is the Founding Director of the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation, a regional public-private partnership committed to investing in innovative solutions for shared economic prosperity. She continues to lead smart communities and urban innovation work at Georgia Tech. Prior to this, she served as Pittsburgh’s inaugural Chief of Innovation & Performance where she oversaw all technology, sustainability, performance, and innovation functions of city government. Before that, she was a management consultant at a global engineering and design firm, Arup. She has received various awards, including being named one of the top 100 most influential people in digital government by Apolitcal. She has worked and lived in the United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. A graduate of Georgetown University and the University of California, Berkeley, Debra serves on the boards of the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta,  and Public Policy and International Affairs Program. She was most recently appointed by the U.S Department of Commerce  to the Internet of Things Advisory Board.