Emma Richet

With a strong interest in fundamental and technological Research, Emma Richet obtained a Ph.D. in cell biology and neuroscience from University College London in 2012. Pursuing a scientific career at the Institute of Research Biomedicine in Barcelona, she eventually came to the conclusion that she was more keen to promote science than doing it!

Thus, in 2014 she was naturally hired as a scientific strategic watch leader at the Observatory of Micro and Nanotechnology in Grenoble, where she single-handed organized scientific events. After a great experience as a communication manager at CEA-Leti, she became a consultant in innovation management & collaborative projects before coming back to CEA as a cross-disciplinary marketing manager since 2018. She is now promoting CEA technologies and Sciences to industrial partners through the organization of workshops, the participation to international events and the building of communication material. Always interested in learning about innovation & new technologies and with several years of experience abroad, in 2020 she joined the HLF Office to take the position of International Relations Manager. She has multiple roles, including coordinating exchanges with international members, assisting and advising the HLF Chair on tasks related to to both the preparation of events and the follow-up of inter-ecosystem work.