Görge Deerberg

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Görge Deerberg (born 1963) studied Chemical Technology at the University of Dort-mund and graduated there in 1996 on the topic of safety assessment of semibatch processes with gas/liquid systems. For more than 17 years, Prof. Deerberg has been working at Fraunhofer UMSICHT in different positions. From 2002 to 2006, he was Scientific Director of the institute. Since July 2006, he has been Deputy Director of the institute. Moreover, he coordinates joint pro-jects as Head of Division of Processes with his cross-over work in the working areas Biorefinery and Biofuels, Photonics und Environment, Information Technology und Process Engineering. In 2011, he obtained the extraordinary professorship for Environmental and Process Technology at the University of Bochum. In June 2019, he obtained the professorship from FernUniversität in Ha-gen in the subject area of Environmental Sciences at the faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences.