Mike Lee


Mike Lee joined FarEasTone in November 2011 as the Executive Vice President of Enterprise & Carrier BU.

Before joining FarEasTone, Dr. Mike Lee had an outstanding career and excellent management experiences in communication and internet industry. He led Tuntex Telecom establish the GSM 1800 network in central and south Taiwan, and then assisted NCIC to get fixed network license in 2000. He operated the largest B2B e-auction site in Taiwan while working as the President of Com2B Corp.  He was the President of FETC for more than 4 years starting 2007. During his tenure, he acquired over 1.3 million customers.

Dr. Mike Lee holds both Master degree and Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering from SUNY, Stony Brook. He also has a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University.


“Turning a Cultural Capital into a Smart City in Taiwan, with a Smart Transport “


Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan with more than 300 year history. In 2015, Tainan and Far Eastone Telecommunication went into a 2 year strategic alliance to develop smart city services to solve real life city operation problems. There are 6 major service categories:

  1. Smart City operation center
  2. Water disaster management
  3. Smart Public Transportation
  4. Cloud based Community Healthcare services
  5. Mobile Education Platform for Elementary and Junior High Schools
  6. O2O Mobile marketing platform for Tourists and local residents

This strategic alliance is a joint innovation for Tainan City and Far Eastone. We met several innovation management challenges. Far Eastone first aligned service development with Tainan’s policy directions, then technology mappings were laid out afterwards. Key usage related KPI were then set to drive real impacts to citizen.

A solution ecosystem was built for this large scale collaboration. ITRI in Hsinchu was a key leader in this ecosystem. Several service solutions and components were developed and integrated by ITRI. Wearables for water disaster management solutions and the mobile education platform are key innovation results.

With Tainan’s strong push for public transportation development, Far Eastone built a comprehensive smart bus services for Tainan in order to provide a friendly bus riding environment. We also implemented a big data service to provide road speed on all roads in Tainan using mobile network signaling data. City transportation agency can have an real time overview of road network status citywide. This big data transportation service covers more roads than Google maps.