Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Henrik Stamm Kristensen, a Danish serial food tech entrepreneur and HRI investor, founder of Premium Ingredients, Portable Powder Blending (PPB), allfoodexperts, Chemometric Brain and Blendhub, all with the objective of disrupting the broken food value chain by deploying a global network of multi-localized Food-as-a-Service hubs closer to origin of food ingredients and closer to final consumers with the purpose of feeding all people in all places, sustainably.   

Recognized among many prizes as one of the world’s most promising circular economy initiatives by WCEF, SITRA and Deloitte, and recently awarded by World Economic Forum with the New Champions’ award for Excellence in Societal Impact.  

Henrik has a degree in International Business by the Copenhagen Business School and has been for 4 decades linked to the food industry, with 5 successful FoodTech companies created over last +25 years.