Julie Galland

Julie Galland graduated from the École polytechnique, as chief engineer from Ecoles des Mines and holds a doctorate in solid state physics.

Having started as a mission officer at the Nanoelectronics Office in 2012, Julie Galland worked in the Digital Economy Service and the Industry Service, and climbed the ranks within the DGE (Directorate General for Enterprises) to the position of Deputy Director for Space, Electronics, and Software.

She led, alongside her teams, pivotal initiatives promoting innovation and productive investment in the territory in the fields of electronic components, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, Cloud computing, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and Space. In these sectors, she contributed to the development of industries and the consideration of public policy directions, both through consultation and collective action with ecosystems, as well as through the implementation of legislative and regulatory texts.

Julie Galland is now director of CEA Research & Technology Division, bringing to the CEA her technical knowledge of the field and her experience in European and industrial negotiations, at a crucial time for the future of the CEA Research & Technology Division themes, particularly in the area of digital sovereignty.”