Julien Reynier

Julien graduated from the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) with degrees in English and French. He has been working for the CEA Research and Technology division since 2020, as an international and corporate events manager.

Before joining the CEA, Julien had a variety of roles for several media companies, including journalist for local and national newspapers, freelancer for institutional press, chief editor of a monthly and manager of his communication agency. He holds also a significant background in politics at local (member of various cabinets) as well as national level (attaché of a French Parliament’s member).

Since 2020, Julien Reynier is the High Level Forum Office Manager, working closely with its chair, responsible for organising all of the activities that facilitate the smooth functioning of the office. From internal operations and events planning to editorial and communication contents, and with the benefit of his experience in PR, Julien has succeeded in making the HLF Summit a key event for innovation ecosystems.