Maria Laura Fornaci

Maria Laura Fornaci is graduate in Philosophy with a Master Degree in Education and Training at Bocconi University and has more than 20 years of professional experience working as Project and Marketing manager for start-ups and large companies. She approached the R&I sector in 2006 by joining a consulting firm specialized in technical assistance to European R&I policies and projects, having a focus on Entrepreneurship education/training and related support actions. In 2014 was appointed as Executive Director of the Triple Helix Association (THA) an international non-for-profit, non- governmental association with scientific purpose and a global reach, aiming at advancing the scientific knowledge and practical achievements related to all aspects of the interaction between Academy-Industry-Government (Triple Helix) for fostering research, innovation, economic competitiveness and growth. The THA, founded and chaired by Prof. Henry Etzkowitz, is an international community of researchers, practitioners and policy makers (and their organizations) sharing the interest on Triple Helix theories and practices. As Executive Director Maria Laura has the remit to work on the development of THA operations, with the goal to devise a sustainable business model, increase THA outreach capacity and growth its community by fostering the engagement of its members and followers worldwide.