Maud Vinet

Maud VINET is co-founder and CEO of Quobly, a French quantum computing startup based in Grenoble, France. Before launching Quobly in 2022, Maud made her mark as a nationally recognized French research physicist. For over 20 years, she led multiple high-profile teams in semiconductor development and technology transfer at CEA-Leti, a research institute based in Grenoble. Most recently, she led the CEA Leti’s quantum computing program. With Quobly, Maud and her 2 co-founders, Tristan Meunier & François Perruchot, aim to combine the strengths of France’s cutting-edge research sector with its competitive microelectronics manufacturing ecosystem, by producing a silicon-based quantum computer. To achieve this, Quobly will exploit years of research carried out in Grenoble by the CEA and the CNRS and combine it with deep knowledge of the semiconductor industry. Maud has co-authored over 300 papers, filed over 70 patents and, in 2020, was given the honorary title of Knight of the Legion of Honor of France.