Maya Okamoto

Maya Okamoto is a researcher and consultant in Medical Science and Technology.

Her current specialties are: Public Health, ELSI, Health-care Policy, Human Resource Policy, Higher Education, and more.

She earned her PhD in Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine in 2006 and completed a Citation Program in Ecological Management in Harvard Extension School in 2010.

She began her career as a university faculty member and continues to lead a neuroscience lab at Kyoto University. In 2014, she joined the Japanese government for her experience in human resource development in STI and STEAM education. She then worked for a consulting firm (PwC etc.) as a strategic consultant in the field of science and technology. Her strength is that she has expert knowledge in medical science, government experience, and good business sense. In 2021, she joined TGI as an advisor and started to support a joint industry-academia-government research program focusing on medical devices, in order to translate the abundant seeds of the Tsukuba area into practical applications in society