Michael Tso

Michael co-founded and grew Cloudian into a world leader in enterprise data management. Cloudian’s object storage platform stores and manages big data with the best scalability, security and cost-performance. Michael holds 36 patents and is a technology trailblazer. He also co-founded Gemini Mobile Technologies, which supplied the largest messaging systems to mobile carriers. At Internet pioneer Inktomi, Michael built the commerce search engine and designed KDDI’s network congestion control which later became an industry standard. At Intel, he invented NarrowBand Sockets, enabling Nokia’s world-first ringtone download service. Michael holds the mobile data synchronization patents that seeded IntelliSync, a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. With Xerox PARC’s Ubiquitous Computing team, he developed PARCTab – the world’s first wearable and location-aware tablet. Michael graduated from MIT with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, with an Economics minor. He worked with TCP/IP patriarch Dr. David Clark for his thesis on mobile filesystems.