Michel Ida

Engineer in electronics and microelectronics, Michel IDA first worked at CEA-Leti from 1984 to 2001 where he successively managed different research R&D programs in micro-nano-technologies, optics coatings, flat panel displays, biotechnologies and even communicating objects. Interested in cross-disciplinary domains, after a successful career as a scientific leader, Michel IDA founded and managed the CEA Open Innovation Labs from 2001 to 2020, which included IDEAs Laboratory®, Atelier Arts Sciences and the Alps Design Lab. At the crossroads of sciences, human and social sciences, design and arts, his experience naturally led him to be the head of the Societal Impact of technologies group developed within the CEA Research & Technology division, where he is promoting the need to reflect, rethink, and analyse together the impact of innovation on today’s and tomorrow’s society.