Myrna Bittner

Myrna Bittner is the CEO and Co-Founder of RUNWITHIT Synthetics, an AI-based modelling company that creates Single Synthetic Environments – live, geospatially accurate cities or regions, complete with their people, activity, policies, technology, development, economics, and infrastructure, for advanced scenario simulations to support decision makers optimizing unprecedented futures. RUNWITHIT builds on Myrna’s prior technology ventures, including NeuralVR, a neural net and 3D visualization research company. During the past two years, Myrna and her team’s solutions to the disrupted futures of energy, mobility and resilience have succeeded at home and around the world in challenges and partnerships including the “Most Edmonton Startup,” The Electric Power Research’s IncubatEnergy™ Labs Challenge (US), Toyota Mobility Foundation’s City Architecture of Tomorrow Challenge (Malaysia), USAF’s AFWERX Innovation Showcase (US), NATO Space Awareness (Lisbon), Airbus Defence’s Net Zero Mobility (Münich), Mobile Heroes Taiwan, and named as Certified SET100 (EU), top 100 global startups in energy transition and mobility.