Spiros Dimolitsas

Dr. Spiros Dimolitsas is Senior Vice President for Research & Chief Technology Officer at Georgetown University where he leads the development of new research programs and capabilities, and fosters innovation alliances and partnerships with industry, universities, and national laboratories. 

Spiros held other positions before joining Georgetown, including Associate Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Program Director of the Communications Satellite Corporation (Comsat) Research Lab, and various engineering roles with United Technologies Corporation, the Mayo Clinic, and HENE S.A. in the United States and Europe. Spiros has represented Comsat to the International Telecommunications Union, has chaired several United Nations inter-governmental committees. He has also consulted for Smart Technology Ventures, and has served on the Board of Directors of Maxoptix Corporation, and CMX Technologies, Inc. 

Spiros currently serves on the boards of directors of Leidos Biomedical Research, which operates the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, and the MedStar Health  Research Institute. He also serves on the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  Engineering Review Committee.
  In 1992, he received the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers outstanding achievement medallion, and in 1995 was elected Fellow of the Institute. In 2013 he was named to the US National Academy of Inventors.