Sylvia Michel


Ms. Michel has extensive experience in the field of energy and sustainability. In 2012 Ms. Michel joined Kraftringen, as the President and Chief Executive Officer. The Swedish energy company has since then been transformed with a clear focus on striving to achieve long-term sustainability.  This means you can manage a whole municipality and region’s production, and usage of energy into a smart consumption and sustainable business solution. Its transformation has become a point of reference, and in 2014 Sylvia was awarded “Influencer of the Year” in the energy category. In 2016 Kraftringen was awarded with the CEEP CSR Label.


“Research heats the city!”


To further reduce energy consumption, energy systems are developed as circular systems in which waste heat from manufacturing industries, research facilities, agriculture, grocery retailers or server halls is recovered for further use. Through close collaboration with customers, the MAX IV laboratory, ESS, building developers and municipalities we introduce smart and innovative energy solutions, such as recovering waste heat from the two research facilities, attractive and secure transport solutions with heated stops and smart lighting, and local production of renewable energy from wind power and solar panels. We hope to see a sustainable and exciting urban development where it is easy to choose a sustainable lifestyle with a high quality of life.