Wim De Kinderen


Wim De Kinderen is currently (since 2009) employed within the Brainport Eindhoven EU Office in Brussels, representing the City of Eindhoven, Brainport Development and other economic stakeholders towards fellow regions and the European Institutions. In this role he is responsible for policy lobbying, networking/communication and project development. Within Brainport Development, he is part of the Strategy Department.

In his previous career, he has mainly been involved in regional development issues in Belgium. First as the Province of Antwerp RDA’s European Social Fund expert for the Objective 2 region ‘Kempen’, later as the director of the Regional Socio-Economic Committee for the same ‘Kempen’ region. In between he has been an advisor (‘chef de cabinet adjoint’) to the Belgian federal government on socio-economic and budget policy topics.

He is holding master diplomas in International Politics, European Politics and Public Management.

He is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), French and English.

LinkedIn profile : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/wim-de-kinderen/6/32/542



High Level Forum 2018
Session 1 “Innovative Infrastructure for tomorrow’s Cities”
Abstract Wim De Kinderen

The City of Eindhoven is at the heart of Brainport Eindhoven, the world class top technology region in the Netherlands. Innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing are rooted in our DNA and are at the basis of the open innovation approach and practice which makes us smart and strong. Infrastructures are key anchoring elements in the regional innovation ecosystem to support and accelerate innovations that matter.
In his intervention, Wim De Kinderen will guide you through practices within the Brainport Eindhoven region which stimulate collaborative research and innovation, and key developments to ensure the translation into manufacturing activities and business development. Special attention will be given to initiatives taken by the city of Eindhoven to create a future proof infrastructure enabling citizen driven innovation.