🎙 Interview of the Month

Marcel Morabito

What could be better, for our very first edition of the “Interview of the Month”, than starting with the one who is at the origin of the HLF: Marcel Morabito

📖 “If the #economy can have borders, ideas have no frontiers. There can be no real #research if there is not this permanent dialogue between the globe’s major ecosystems.”, says Pr Morabito.

We are glad and proud to give the floor to Marcel who offers us a nice throwback into the HLF memories in which he looks back with passion and nostalgia, and provides us with relevant advices to keep improving until the perfect recipe.

The HLF is defined not only by its future #opportunities and pioneer DNA, but also by its lifelong collaboration-spirit: please share with us your HLF souvenirs through an anecdote in the below comments!