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Considering the current health crisis and the recent developments on travel restrictions across Europe and the World, the Grenoble Senior Level Group of the HLF has decided to postpone the 2020 summit until autumn 2021.

This decision has been taken as an opportunity to create a differentiated digital event with innovative and valuable content to encourage more global participation within the HLF network. Therefore, the postponed summit will be replaced by the first HLF Connect briefing hosted online from Grenoble on Dec 1st, during which Innovation Ecosystems of the HLF will discuss three critical issues of our time :

Innovation ecosystem resilience: Impacts in the short to long term
New collaborations and alliances; strategies for inclusive innovation
Win Tech : winning technologies in the time of Covid


November 2022

HLF Start-up Show & Contest

Congratulations to the 2022 Winners!

“2030 Global Goals” Category: #1 Waga Energy – #2  Fluoink Nanotechnologies

“Ecosystem” Category: #1 BeFC – #2 Warpspace

October 2022

Letter from the chair

The 4th Letter from the Chair of 2022 has just been released! Clic here to read it!


Summit 2022 – thank you all!

The 11th Edition of the HLF Annual Summit was an international success! More content to come so stay tuned 😉

Discover the film of the event, speakers, presentations, & photos here

Interview of the Month

Vice President for International Affairs at Université Grenoble Alpes

Karine Samuel

Former President of the Université Grenoble Alpes & HLF speaker

Patrick Lévy


World Tour

Discover Leuven

“Why is Leuven so special?” is the opening quote of this video. Well, we weren’t alone with this idea… because we still are the current Europe’s Capital of Innovation.

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Discover Sydney

Let’s start today the season 2 of the “HLF World Tour”, a monthly walk around the globe to discover leading innovation ecosystems of the #HLFcommunity, with Sydney ecosystem, Australia, as first stop of 2022.

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Discover Atlanta

Welcome to the next stop on the HLF World Tour, the Atlanta, GA USA innovation ecosystem based at Technology Square (Tech Square)

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Discover Ruhr

The Ruhr region (Germany), member of the #HLFcommunity, is home to a unique mixture of more than 5 million people and 53 cities – a singular model that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.

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Discover Tampere

Let’s start today our “HLF World Tour”, a monthly walk around the globe to discover leading innovation ecosystems of the #HLFcommunity, with a first stop at Tampere, Finland.

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Discover Lund

The “HLF World Tour”, a monthly walk around the globe to discover leading innovation ecosystems of the #HLFcommunity, stops this week at Lund, Sweden.

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Discover Tsukuba

This week, we travel to Tsukuba in Japan to discover this impressive ecosystem located in one of the biggest science city in the world.

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Discover Edmonton

Home to more than 1.4 million people and generating $105 billion in the GDP, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is Canada’s 5th largest economy and the fastest growing region.

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