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Maria Faury, new chair of the HLF

We are delighted to announce that Maria Faury has been appointed new Chair of the High-Level Forum (HLF)!
Currently Director of Partnership Strategy in the Technological Research
Division at CEA in Grenoble, Maria brings outstanding international experience, in-depth knowledge of the research sector, and a track record in
governing public organisations in the energy sector and major research infrastructures. Her leadership is set to elevate the HLF to new heights.🚀
She succeeds Philippe Watteau, who has recently joined SATT Lutech as their new CEO. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Philippe for unwavering commitment. We wish him great success in his new role. 👏
Join us in welcoming Maria Faury and congratulating Philippe Watteau on his new position !


NO time for Souvenirs shopPing ? 

The HLF has got you covered !

Bring back a little souvenir 🎁 !

The HLF three-days event will be packed with insightful conferences 👩‍🏫 , engaging roundtables, and fantastic networking opportunities 🤝 ! Amidst the bustling agenda and social events, you might find it challenging to explore the city for souvenirs…

Fret not! This year the HLF has you covered. We’ve set up a special corner shop featuring must-have products from Grenoble. Take a moment to savor the essence of Grenoble 🥄 and bring back a unique taste of the city for yourself, your family, or your friends 😀

📅 Tuesday, November 28th from 8.30 AM to 2 PM


REGISTRATIONS for the hlf summit 2023 ARE OPEN !

🗓 When? November 26 to 28

📍 Where? Grenoble ecosystem, France

📖 Main topic? How the restructuring of global supply chain impacts innovation ecosystems



We are thrilled to announce that the upcoming #HLFSummit2024 will take place from November 17th to 19th, 2024, in Taiwan. t’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the vibrant #Hsinchu ecosystem which gather with more than 400 companies, +6000 Researchers, Taiwan top 2 Universities and of course the Industrial Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the largest RTO of Taiwan. 

After fruitful exchanges on Societal Impact of technologies, Supply Chain in the context of zero carbon or the industrialization of Quantum solutions, What will be the next topics of discussion ?

Stay tuned for more exciting news !

 hlf Summit 2023 Program 

After a thrilling edition last year in Tampere, the HLF Summit is back in Grenoble, from Nov 26 t

o 28. Panelists and key speakers will share their ideas and solutions to reinvent the supply chain in numerous areas, such as food and fashion, chips tech and the goal of zero-carbon. As well as all the regular highlights, there’s a host of new features on the programme… So Stay tuned!



World Tour

Discover Leuven

“Why is Leuven so special?” is the opening quote of this video. Well, we weren’t alone with this idea… because we still are the current Europe’s Capital of Innovation.

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Discover Sydney

Let’s start today the season 2 of the “HLF World Tour”, a monthly walk around the globe to discover leading innovation ecosystems of the #HLFcommunity, with Sydney ecosystem, Australia, as first stop of 2022.

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Discover Atlanta

Welcome to the next stop on the HLF World Tour, the Atlanta, GA USA innovation ecosystem based at Technology Square (Tech Square)

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Discover Ruhr

The Ruhr region (Germany), member of the #HLFcommunity, is home to a unique mixture of more than 5 million people and 53 cities – a singular model that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.

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Discover Tampere

Let’s start today our “HLF World Tour”, a monthly walk around the globe to discover leading innovation ecosystems of the #HLFcommunity, with a first stop at Tampere, Finland.

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Discover Lund

The “HLF World Tour”, a monthly walk around the globe to discover leading innovation ecosystems of the #HLFcommunity, stops this week at Lund, Sweden.

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Discover Tsukuba

This week, we travel to Tsukuba in Japan to discover this impressive ecosystem located in one of the biggest science city in the world.

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Discover Edmonton

Home to more than 1.4 million people and generating $105 billion in the GDP, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is Canada’s 5th largest economy and the fastest growing region.

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