🎙 Interview of the Month

Patrick Lévy

For this second act of our Interviews of the month, which give the floor to key personalities of the HLF, we met Patrick Lévy, former president of the Université Grenoble Alpes, who has been part of the adventure since the very first day.

📖 “I think it is even more important to promote cooperation and discussion with the members of a network like the HLF and that does not offset the national dimension or the strategic issues which anyway are present in the ecosystem. #cooperation, #openscience, #openresearch, #openinnovation are of major importance and the HLF is part of them.”, says Pr Lévy.

We are glad to hear Mr. Lévy for whom being part of an innovation ecosystem not only is fundamental for research or innovations activities but is also important for their missions in terms of social and cultural impact. #University has an important place among innovation ecosystem, specifically in Grenoble.