High Level Forum 2018

Leading Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation for Tomorrow's Infrastructures

Grenoble (France) November 11-14, 2018
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High Level Forum 2018

Leading Innovation Ecosystems

Innovation for Tomorrow's Infrastructures

Grenoble (France) November 11-14, 2018
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The high level forum

An international Forum devoted to  » Leading Innovation Ecosystems  » and  managed by the Grenoble Innovation Campus GIANT (Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies)

The High Level Forum was initiated in 2012 by CEA Tech which is the Technology Research Unit of  CEA (the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission)  and is now managed by the Innovation Campus GIANT of Grenoble (France).

This annual event is attended by an international community of High Level Executives – Decision and Policy makers, all deeply engaged in the management or promotion of Innovation, from the worlds of  education, research, industry, business and public authorities.

Since its birth, the High Level Forum has got the participation of 32 campuses from around the world (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Middle-East)  which are internationally recognized as leaders in Innovation; it has now earned an increasing recognition as a truly remarkable international event devoted to Innovation

The main objectives of the High level Forum are  :

  • To share policies, strategies and experiences about innovation management and promotion between leading campuses
  • To encourage and strengthen collaboration between the world’s most powerful innovation ecosystems
  • To develop common initiatives for maximizing the social and economic benefits of the innovation programs from the participating campuses
Added value
  • Bringing together High Level Decision Makers and Policy Makers of innovation from Research, Education, Industry and Public Authorities
  • Having in common the willingness to promote research & innovation, technology transfer to industry, scientific education of talents and cross-sectoral relationships (public/private, start-up/large group, research/industry,…)
  • Sharing experience, best practices, lessons learnt, about innovation management within an ecosystem
  • Understanding different perspectives about strategy, the conditions for success, procedures, methodologies, efficiency metrics
  • Through joint initiatives or inter-ecosystem projects
  • With the goal to achieve better, faster, cheaper innovative solutions of common interest for several Innovation campuses
  • Initiating international debates dealing with specific issues of innovation
  • Advocating innovation and research within the world leading organizations or institutions and through international publications
  • Having as a vision the creation of the “Word Innovation Forum” where leaders share their vision about the way innovation can contribute to a more prosperous, peaceful and well-balanced world

The High Level Forum is organized and managed by the Grenoble Innovation Campus GIANT

The High Level Forum is coordinated by Alain Astier, Scientific Advisor to the CEO of CEA Tech in Grenoble  alain.astier@cea.fr

The HLF Executive Committee  is composed of 7 Members from the Ecosystems of Chicago (USA), Longueuil-Montreal (Canada), Lund (Sweden), Grenoble (France), Haifa (Israel), Tsukuba (Japan), Hsinchu (Taiwan) ; the main mission of the Committee is to make proposals and to take decisions for strengthening  the High Level Forum initiative and increasing its  Added Value to the participating Innovation Ecosystems.

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In order to strengthen the High Level Forum community and to create more added value, some strategic initiatives have been recently set-up:

1.extending the HLF international coverage by inviting other leading Ecosystems who are placing Innovation as a pillar of their strategy and open to fairly collaborate.
2.keeping the contribution from each Ecosystem at a high level through its Top Executives from Education & Research & Industry & Public Authorities
3.increasing the HLF communication process (internal and external) through: HLF web site, post-event report, newsletters, publications, medias…
4.taking initiatives of cross-cooperation between Ecosystems around Innovation (joint cooperation programs or projects, cross-visits, exchange of students, working groups about new themes …)


Since its creation in 2012, the High level Forum has been attended by 32 Leading Innovation Ecosystems from around the world.

In 2017, 9 new Ecosystems from Africa (Sfax – Tunisia), America (Albany–USA, Guadalajara–Mexico, Vancouver–Canada), and Europe (Bizkaia-Spain, Ireland, Leuven-Belgium, Tampere-Finland, Vienna-Austria) have joined the High Level Forum. In 2018, new Innovation Ecosystems are expected from Australia, China, India, Russia and from other regions already participating.

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Buenos Aires
Los Angeles
North Carolina
Sao Paulo
San Francisco
Leuven (Mindgate)
Middle East

The High Level Forum is a Grenoble, France based event , hosted off-site at a partner campus every other year ; the three days program is including presentations, panel discussions, guest star speech, workshops and enough time for networking in a very informal and friendly way ( sightseeing tour, gala evening, visit of the hosting ecosystem… ), around a working theme always related to Innovation and a fourth day is devoted to meetings between ecosystem delegations or with local hosting ecosystem:

  • 2015 – Tsukuba, Japan
    Theme: Innovation and City
  • 2014 – GIANT Campus, Grenoble, France
    Theme: Promising innovation areas
  • 2013 – Caltech Campus, Pasadena, CA, United States
    Theme: Commercialization of research results
  • 2012 – GIANT Campus, Grenoble, France
    Theme: Policies, governance and financing of innovation ecosystems





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