HLF Annual Summit 2022 Edition

This year, the theme of the 11 th edition of the High Level Forum Annual Summit will be “How local &
regional innovation ecosystems support 2030 global objectives”.

Dates: 6 to 9 November – Tampere, Finland


HLF Start-up-Show & Contest

As you can see on the Summit’s agenda, the HLF Start-up Show & Contest 2022 will take place online on November 8 afternoon.

This competition bring together 10 award-winning start-ups selected on various criteria related to their relationship with their ecosystem and the HLF 2022 topic, which is “How local & regional innovation ecosystems support 2030 global objectives”.

All of the 10 start-up finalists will be introduced to the delegations of the HLF member ecosystems thus benefiting from an international level of visibility.

Three winners will receive a prize in one of the 2 categories below and will be invited as special guests to the 2023 edition of the HLF Annual Summit.


The unique and singular character of the HLF Summit offers the ideal circle to accelerate the penetration of the international innovation community due to its format adapted to peer-to-peer exchanges and its multiple actors including investors.

We are determined to make this event as international and inclusive as possible. For example, we hope to receive as many applications from female-led start-ups as from male-led start-ups